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   Stakeholder Map & Matrix

Look across stakeholders and categorize them according to key variables (e.g., interest, influence, impact).

Session Length: 60+ minutes Group Size: 2+ people Prep Time: 30+ minutes


Conduct this review early in the planning/strategizing process.


A Stakeholder Map & Matrix provides a clear picture of who stakeholders are and helps determine strategies for engagement.


STEP 1: Define the variables you want to analyze about your stakeholders: influence, strength of relationship, cost to maintain, interest, strategic objectives, etc. Discuss relevant variables with your project team, and consider performing multiple analyses.

STEP 2: Draw an x and y-axis based on paired variables. Use multiple sets of axes to examine a variety of relationships.

STEP 3: Place stakeholder names in the appropriate quadrant. Discuss the desired distribution of stakeholders across the quadrants and the potential for shifting stakeholders from one quadrant to another.

STEP 4: Make a list of specific actions your team can take to move stakeholders into the desired quadrants. If you’d like to capture more details, use the template below.

Stakeholder Map & Matrix|Worksheet

Download this tool to print out and start using with your team. Each download includes a tool description and if applicable, a template and example.