About ITK

Anyone with experience facing an important challenge or project understands that the job is easier when you have the right tools. The Innovation Toolkit (ITK) is a collection of methods and techniques to help you and your team be more innovative.

Use these lightweight, low-cost, high-impact approaches to frame your team’s problem, understand your users, generate ideas, evaluate options, develop plans, and reduce complexity.

MITRE experts curated this collection to promote structured, systemic creative thinking and problem solving, based on best practices and guidance. The tools stimulate insightful conversations by asking important questions and providing frameworks for capturing the results.

Go beyond brainstorming—make better decisions faster, unlock your team’s creativity, uncover uncommon results, and take action.

Our Team

A cross-disciplinary team of engineers at The MITRE Corporation who are dedicated to providing a creative approach to problem-solving by offering tools, methods, and techniques that lead to data-driven solutions.

Jen Choi

Meet Jen: The Coach
Waverider & Wayfinder
Mission: make the world more creative.
Jen loves Problem Framing.

Jen Choi

Rachel Gregorio

Meet Rachel: The Catalyst
Multi-media Artist & Fireball
Mission: make the world more beautiful.
Rachel loves Journey Mapping.

Rachel Gregorio

Aileen Laughlin

Meet Aileen: The Dynamo
Idea Whirlwind & Comedian
Mission: make the world more exciting.
Aileen loves Bodystorming.

Aileen Laughlin

Stephanie Medicke

Meet Stephanie: The Inquisitor
Icebreaker & Negotiation Wizard
Mission: make the world more engaged.
Stephanie loves Lotus Blossom.

Stephanie Medicke

Melanie Shere

Meet Melanie: The Anthropologist
Perservationist & Challenger
Mission: make the world more visionary.
Melanie loves Tool Creation.

Melanie Shere

Dan Ward

Meet Dan: The Storyteller
Juggler & Simplifier
Mission: make the world more hopeful.
Dan loves Trimming.

Dan Ward

Kaylee White

Meet Kaylee: The Adventurist
Punster & Design Master
Mission: make the world more usable.
Kaylee loves scrappy prototyping.

Kaylee White

Niall White

Meet Niall: The Inspector
Optimizer & cyberfuturist
Mission: make the world more equitable.
Niall loves confetti.

Niall White

Niall White

Meet Jessica: The Cross-Pollinator
Adventurer & Strategic Architect
Mission: make the world more inspired.
Jessica loves Premortems.

Jessica Yu

Our Services|  ITK@mitre.org

The Innovation Toolkit offers a variety of workshops for groups of all sizes. Contact us today to schedule your personal ITK training session on any of the topics below.

Collaborative Consulting Session

Discuss your problem and figure out what tools might work to get started.

Innovate Now!

Explore principles and practices of rapid innovation by recreating a cutting-edge aircraft experiment from 1871 using everyday household objects and learn how to talk about innovation and the professional perils of being an innovator.

What Could Go Wrong?

Define a future failure using the Premortem tool and inversely build consensus around what success looks like.

Understand Your User

Get inside the head of a user with this session that will cover tools like Persona, Journey Maps, and PAINstorming.

“I Need an Idea”

Use the System Map, Lotus Blossom, and Storm Draining toolchain to help come up with an idea.

Houston, We Have a Problem

Meant for the team that’s not sure what problem they’re trying to solve using tools like Problem Framing, System Map, and Value Proposition Canvas.

Culture Change

Dive into the Culture Change tool to define actionable steps towards changing an organization’s culture.

Opportunity Capture

Envision what an ideal future system or solution might look like and help identify opportunities to make it a reality.

The Simplicity Cycle

Discuss Dan Ward’s second book, The Simplicity Cycle, and shine a light on how to make good decisions about simplicity and complexity in the things we make, design, and use.

Acquisition Successes & Failures

Discuss a collection of acquisition & technology development programs from the DoD and NASA, highlighting both successes and failures based on the book F.I.R.E.

Success Stories

ITK & F-35

ITK & F-35

This week's guest post is by Rick Dunham, from MITRE's Air/Ground Surveillance Program, and it highlights a recent application of the Innovation Toolkit to the F-35 program. On Nov. 5-6, MITRE’s F-35 Lightning II Enterprise Focus team met in Dayton, Ohio, to build...

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Team Toolkit’s Road Show!

Team Toolkit’s Road Show!

Hot. Muggy. Humid. Like a swamp (but not really). Yep, I’m talking about DC summers. The time when tourists and summer interns descend en masse upon the District, and the locals grumble about these visitors mistakenly standing on the left side of the metro escalators....

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