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Our team aims to cultivate and share proven mindsets, methods, and processes that help make innovation more approachable, effective, and fun for all.

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Our Story

Team Toolkit started as a casual group of diverse innovation enthusiasts at MITRE who began to see patterns and overlap in the types of problems and challenges that our sponsors deal with across government. We asked ourselves how we could think and work more like innovators and help others do the same.

We gathered and curated a collection of innovation tools and methods from across industry, government, and academia and paired it with our own knowledge and experience of MITRE and our Sponsors’ problems. Ever since, we have been iterating and refining the resulting Innovation Toolkit with the goal of democratizing innovation. Today our team perpetuates these innovation practices across the US government and the globe. We invite you to join our community of practitioners and innovators to share how these tools and practices work for you.

ITK Founders

We are a cross-disciplinary team of engineers at The MITRE Corporation who are dedicated to providing a creative approach to problem-solving by offering tools, methods, and techniques that lead to data-driven solutions.

Jen Choi

Meet Jen: The Coach
Waverider & Wayfinder
Mission: make the world more creative.
Jen loves Problem Framing.

Jen Choi Jen Choi's LinkedIn page.

Rachel Gregorio

Meet Rachel: The Catalyst
Multi-media Artist & Fireball
Mission: make the world more beautiful.
Rachel loves Journey Mapping.

Rachel Gregorio Go to Rachel Gregorio's LinkedIn page.

Aileen Laughlin

Meet Aileen: The Dynamo
Idea Whirlwind & Comedian
Mission: make the world more exciting.
Aileen loves Bodystorming.

Aileen Laughlin Go to Aileen Laughlin's LinkedIn page.

Stephanie Medicke

Meet Stephanie: The Inquisitor
Icebreaker & Negotiation Wizard
Mission: make the world more engaged.
Stephanie loves Lotus Blossom.

Stephanie MedickeGo to Stephanie Medicke's LinkedIn page.

Melanie Shere

Meet Melanie: The Anthropologist
Perservationist & Challenger
Mission: make the world more visionary.
Melanie loves Tool Creation.

Melanie Shere Go to Melanie Shere's Linkedin page.

Dan Ward

Meet Dan: The Storyteller
Juggler & Simplifier
Mission: make the world more hopeful.
Dan loves Trimming.

Dan Ward Go to Dan Ward's LinkedIn page.

Kaylee White

Meet Kaylee: The Adventurist
Punster & Design Master
Mission: make the world more usable.
Kaylee loves scrappy prototyping.

Kaylee White Go to Kaylee White's LinkedIn page.

Niall White

Meet Niall: The Inspector
Optimizer & Cyberfuturist
Mission: make the world more equitable.
Niall loves confetti.

Niall White Go to Niall White's LinkedIn page.

Niall White

Meet Jessica: The Cross-Pollinator
Adventurer & Strategic Architect
Mission: make the world more inspired.
Jessica loves Premortems.

Jessica Yu Go to Jessica Yu's LinkedIn page.

Success Stories

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On the Road to ITK Facilitation: Practice & Feedback

Today's post is co-authored by Bill Donaldson and Lauren Armbruster ITK Trainee’s Perspective: The road to becoming a certified Innovation Tool Kit (ITK) member is clear and full of community support-but it can also make the candidates a little nervous! For instance,...

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