MITRE’s Innovation Toolkit

MITRE’s Innovation Toolkit is a collection of proven and repeatable problem-solving methods to help you and your team do something different that makes a difference.


The Innovation Toolkit (ITK) is a publicly available, handpicked collection of proven approaches and methods to help your team be more innovative. Derived from human-centered design practices, the toolkit helps teams think creatively, frame problems, build consensus, and ask the right questions. Use ITK to spark insightful conversations, capture meaningful results, and guide creative problem solving.

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Want more innovation in your project, but not sure where to start? Reach out to our friendly cross-disciplinary team of innovators. Team Toolkit wants to help you empower your people with the tools and resources they need to innovate and foster creativity in a fast, low-cost, approachable way. Our goal is to make innovation an everyday practice across the workplace and beyond.

Workshop Planning & Facilitation

Use our tools in a group setting (in-person or virtual) to achieve a specific outcome.

Speaking Engagements

Invite a member of our team to speak on a topic to your team and inspire innovation.

Tool Trainings

Learn how to use specific tools and become an expert facilitator yourself.

Strategic Consulting

Get hands-on assistance with implementing our tools to learn actionable insights for your team.

Who we’ve helped

I cannot say enough about the innovation Toolkit Team. Ideation session was dynamic, engaging, and collaborative, bringing stakeholders from multiple organizations spread across the country together, focused, and moving out. 100+ ideas in an hour and we are now armed with information for developing the next step. Well done, and extremely impactful!

Ryan Novak

MITRE Project Leader

The Innovation Toolkit is my GO TO resource augmenting Sponsor engagements. The creative and innovative approaches bring a fresh spin to the traditional Military Decision Making Process and Mision Analysis. My sponsor continues to appreciate these conepts and ask for more.


Theodore Wilson
In Memoriam

The ITK team members did an outstanding job of targeting a diverse set of participants for their interviews.  The feedback they elicited helped identify new opportunities and add new color to known challenges.  They consistently jump into unfamiliar territory with ambiguous guidance and drive meaningful discussions in an objective manner.

Mark Cavallaro

ECIS Project Lead

Who we’ve Worked With

NASAJames Madison UniversityDepartment of the Navy United States Marine CorpUnited States Central Command

Work with Us

We can help empower your team with tools and resources they need to innovate.

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New ITK team member Conor Mahoney introduces his D4 approach to innovation – Discovery, Deliberation, Deconstruction, and Development – and shows how to use ITK tools at each step.

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