When we’re trying to make change in an organization, starting a new initiative, and generally learning & growing as a professional, my favorite phrase to use is “Let’s Try This!

If we say it correctly, it’s an inclusive invitation to experiment and learn something specific. Say it more than once and we’re on our way to an iterative series of collaborative experiments.

Please note that pronunciation matters. It’s not pronounced “Let’s ONLY try this” or “You have to try this” or “This will definitely work.” If we use these three words it in an exclusive or controlling way, if it’s directed at YOU instead of US, or if there’s an implication of certainty and predictability, we’re saying it wrong.

And of course, it’s not enough to justĀ say it, we also need to be ready to hear it from our teammates and respond accordingly. And if we really want to crank it up to 11, let’s sprinkle some “Yes-And” pixie dust on it too.

It’s the closest thing to a magic formula I know. I hope you’ll join me in giving it a try (see what I did there?). And remember, it’s pronounced leviOsa, not levioSA.