Understand User



This tool applies a structured research method for gathering insights and data about customer identities, activities, and difficulties. PAIN stands for Person, Activities, Insights, and Needs – the four main research topics explored.

Session Length: 30+ minutes Group Size: 2-4+ people Prep Time: 10+ minutes


PAINstorming works at any point when customer identities, activities, and difficulties are unknown.


PAINstorming improves the team’s understanding of the customer’s behaviors, pain points, assumptions, and needs. This should help focus the team on addressing actual user preferences.


STEP 1: Identify an initial set of target customers or users (P), perhaps using the Personas tool as a source of inputs.

STEP 2: Observe and/or interview the users to answer the questions identified in the A, I, and N blocks in the PAINstorming table below.

STEP 3: Use this data to ensure that any proposed products, services, or interventions are aligned with actual user preferences.

PAINstorming |Worksheet

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