Generate ideas



This tool provides a flexible, engaging way to visualize information and generate insights into relationships between concepts.

Session Length: 30+ minutes Group Size: 1-10+ people Prep Time: 10-20+ minutes


Use Mindmapping to create, visualize, and organize ideas. Ideate individually or with a group.


Project teams use Mindmapping when problem framing is incomplete or if a solution field is undefined. It shows the relationships between concepts and ideas, which are often difficult to understand and visualize. Mindmapping offers a more flexible structure than traditional lists, fosters greater creativity, and generates a final product that is typically easier to remember


STEP 1: Write the main topic in the center of the paper or whiteboard.

STEP 2: Using images, symbols, and keywords, add related topics that branch out of the main topic. Use multiple colors throughout the mind map.

STEP 3: Add branches to each new entry. These branches may represent specific instances of a general topic or general instances of related topics. Keep the mind map clear by using radial hierarchy or outlines in each branch. Use emphasis and show associations between branches and entries.

Mind Mapping |Worksheet

Download this tool to print out and start using with your team. Each download includes a tool description and if applicable, a template and example.