Innovation, much like improv, isn’t easy, but it can be a powerful way to bring people into a conversation they might typically avoid or feel excluded from. In MITRE KDE’s latest podcast episode with the Innovation Toolkit Team, Jen and Josh walk listeners through the power improvisation can have to start these conversations and how they refined their unique approach. Discover the lessons Jen and Josh learned and how you, too, can apply them to your organization!

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Over the summer, Team Toolkit ran an experiment to test whether using “Yes, And” could help cultivate curiosity and innovation, and we were amazed by the results. We knew this was a powerful workshop practice, but we had no idea how effective it would be in the everyday work meetings, especially in our current virtual work environment!

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The MITRE KDE Podcast series is hosted by Software Systems Engineer Cameron Boozarjomehri, who interviews technical leaders at MITRE that have made knowledge sharing and collaboration an integral part of their practice.