Welcome to the ITK Community! 

We’re excited to launch the Innovation Toolkit blog, our latest step in building the larger ITK community! This is a place where we’ll provide insider knowledge on the Toolkit and where you can ask questions, post comments, and provide feedback on our tools.

Our cross-disciplinary team of engineers curated our current Toolkit based on the unique challenges faced by our MITRE colleagues, sponsors, and partners. With your input, we plan to grow and improve the Toolkit into an even more adaptable resource for every user. Each piece of feedback you provide will help us help you think more creatively, solve critical challenges, and ultimately make the nation a safer place.

So without further ado, we launch our first post with an in-depth look at our journey. Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how the Toolkit came to be in this Innovation Toolkit spotlight from MITRE.org. Enjoy!

Pop Open MITRE’s Toolkit to Discover Pathways to Innovative Thinking

And remember to leave us your comments in the box below or email us at itk@mitre.org. We are excited to welcome you to the ITK community!

– The Innovation Toolkit Team