Thurs, 19 March 2020 (Note: All times are Eastern Time Zone)

9:00  Reframing Failure to Fuel Your Innovation, Stephanie Medicke & Jessica Yu
10:00 Air Force Gaming (TBD)
11:00 Embracing DevSecOps by sonatype
11:30 Untold Stories of Innovation, Panel discussion with Untold CEO, Katie Trauth Taylor
12:00 NatSecGirlSquad Goes Anti-Viral A virtual daily check-in
1:00 Re-anchoring into our Power, Purpose, and Vision for Social Change, Nilima Achwal
1:15 AMA: What’s The Buzz About… Innovation Workshops (Panel)
2:00 Remote Work and Classrooms Using Google by Keith Athley and Rancho Iyer
3:00 Creating A Culture Of Innovation, with Michele Weslander
3:30 How Acquisition Policy Impacts SBIR Transitions & Success, Debra Zides (at DINS event)
4:00 The World Just Changed: How the Corona Virus Will Accelerate Innovation, Chris O’Keefe and Jason Knudson
4:30 End to End Encryption vs. Client Server Encryption. A Remote Work Necessity, Joel Wallenstrom
5:00 Learning Creativity Through Improv, Awais Sheikh

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Speaker Tips And Tools 
A post about six free livestream tools (no endorsement implied, just wanted to make it easy to find some quick info)

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