Innovation tools are all around us, often in places we might not recognize.

One place we might look over is in schools. Commonly used tools in education are called Graphic organizers. They are learning tools that student’s use to process ideas and help make decisions on concepts and formulate thinking in a way that purposefully makes you display your thoughts down on paper and organize them.

Another tool you might know of is the Venn diagrams. The Venn diagram’s purpose is to organize your thoughts and compare ideas and concepts. Many other tools that are commonly used in schools are flow charts, tables, story maps, sequence/timeline charts and webs. Now with technology being brought into schools these tools have been progressing every day more and more. 

Just like The Innovation Toolkit many graphic organizers are similar to the tools in the ITK. An example is the Community Map Tool that is a form of a Venn diagram it is used to develop clear ideas and compare them to each other. All toolkits are very similar with their purpose of helping organizing ideas and concepts and transforming them into something more than just a thought. What’s makes them all different is the environment they are being used. What other places can you find tools and toolkits?  

Today’s post is by Team Toolkit’s high school intern, Niomi!